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Art Club, Grades 7-8

Why join Art Club?
The purpose of the Art Club is to provide opportunities for students interested in extending knowledge and experience within the arts beyond the regular classroom.  The art club also serves as a social avenue which enables students to meet others with similar interests. Art clubs fulfill a number of other functions as well, such as learning through teamwork and dedication; sharing talents and ideas within a community, volunteering creativity to enhance our environments and exposure to a larger realm of the arts and culture through art making, field trips and community service.
Who can join Art Club?
Any student currently enrolled in PAHS and it is highly recommended to be enrolled in any of the art courses offered through the PAHS Art Department such as Art 8, Crafts, Art 1, 2, 3, 4, Digital Photography, Art Appreciation or Creative Clay 1 & 2.
How to become an Art Club member:
Attend the first meeting and each and every meeting throughout the school year.  The Art Club meets each month during the second cycle on Day 5.  Next, pay your dues.  The dues are $2.00 per student per school year.  These dues help with funding the club's activities throughout the year, including a social event.  Dues are collected before the meeting in October.  The other obligation of all club members is to join a committee.  The Art Club becomes involved in many activities throughout the school year including a public service project, banners for the school, maintaining the club website, teacher's helpers, field trip organization, fundraising efforts and much more.  Each activity will be represented by a specific committee.  Committees will have an appointed chairperson and co-chair that will facilitate the committees actions as well as meet outside of general Art Club meetings.  For more information on committees, visit the Art Club Committees link.  
Need more information????
Contact the 8 & 9 Grade Art Club Sponsor, Mrs. Young, Room 114.