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Librarian:  Mrs. Sarah Peterson
Library Assistant: Mrs. Debbie Kaza
Library Assistant: Mrs. Karen Dubensky
Attention Students:  Library admission now requires students to have all passing grades (74.5% and above).  Student grades will be monitored on SIS; Canvas will not be used as a means to check grades.  It is the students responsibility to show library staff updated grades for readmission.  
Students should behave in the library in a mature manner.  This includes using best judgement, being respectful, and not using disruptive behavior (actions or words) to others using the space, including teachers, staff, and other students.  Those unable to comply with expected behavior will be required to leave.  
STEM material, such as littleBits and K'Nex, are available for use in the library.  Sign out is required.  See a staff member for more information.  
Library books are on loan for 3 weeks, including weekends.  Please make note of due date stamped on back of book.