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About Us:
The Shadow is a school newspaper that is published eight times (or more) per year by The Shadow Staff. To be on The Shadow Staff, students must take journalism - which is an English elective available to juniors and seniors - for one semester. Students spend the first month of the class learning how to write, manage, promote, and produce a quality newspaper. However, the rest of the days of the class are spent drafting, discussing, and working with your fellow journalists to produce four issues of The Shadow.

Writing for the newspaper doesn't solely consist of writing about current events throughout the school. Students learn about features, editorials, sports articles, and of course, news articles. These are the key components that comprise the core of the newspaper. The Shadow is split into five subjects:  entertainment, opinion, features, sports, and news.

Taking pictures and writing cut-lines for those pictures are key parts of developing a newspaper. Each staff member will be taught how to use the staff camera and those who wish can also learn photo editing. 
The Shadow is the student newspaper of the Punxsutawney Area High School. The opinions expressed in the paper are not necessarily those of the advisor, administration, advertisers, or those otherwise associated with The Shadow. The publication of advertisements in The Shadow does not imply endorsement.