High School Daily Announcements

ANNOUNCEMENTS                              7:50 AM                        Today is a Red Day – Tues., Jan. 31, 2023


The following 1st pd. classes should report to the café:  Mr. Moore, Mr. Hughes, Mr. Carlson, Mrs. Giavedoni,  Mrs. Roberts & Mr. Ambler.; 2nd pd.: Mrs. Roberts, Mr. Hughes, Mr. Carlson, Mrs. Giavedoni, Mr. Ambler; 5th pd.:  Mrs. Roberts, Mr. Hughes, Mr. Moore, Mrs. Giavedoni, Mr. Ambler; Star PM:  Mrs. Giavedoni, Mr. Ambler


Sports today:    JH/Var. WR home against Curwensville.


The Junior Student Council is holding a donation drive for the Community Action Domestic Violence Shelter  thru February 15th! Please bring unopened items designated for your grade to either room 212 or room 238 during STAR periods. 7th: paper towels & body wash; 8th: toilet paper & hand soap; 9th: coloring books & stationery; 10th: toothbrush & toothpaste; 11th: dish soap & hand sanitizer; 12th shampoo/conditioner & socks. Additionally, all grades are welcome to bring in canned goods!


The winter formal for grades 9-12 will be held on Sat., Feb. 11th from 7:30-10:30 PM in the high school café.  Guest slips for students who do not attend our school are available in the office.  Students are reminded that their guest needs to be verified as a student in good standing from their school.  Plan for the turn around time involved in this process – do not wait until the week of formal to process your guest slip.


Attention all students IUP is hosting a GenCyber Camp from June 12th thru June 16th to learn about cybersecurity & safe online behavior. If interested, see your counselor for contact information.


We will be following the assembly bell schedule today.  Students will return to homeroom at 12:45 & be called to the CDMG for the Groundhog Day Assembly. 


There is no school tomorrow-Thurs.-Fri., Feb. 1-2-3 – enjoy the mid-winter break!


Key Club will meet on Mon., Feb. 6 during 2:05 Star in the café.


A reminder to all students who registered to take the ASVAB exam on Tues., Feb 7th at 7:50 am in room 233. Check in with your 1st period teacher for attendance, then report to room 233 immediately. Do not stay in class for the announcements & flag salute.


Junior Student Council will meet on Wed. & Thurs., Feb. 8th & 9th during 2:05 Star in room 238.  It’s crucial for all members to be in attendance.  No exceptions will be made for missing the meeting unless absent from school.


Recycling will be on Thurs., Feb. 9 during PM Star.


The Winter Sports Queen’s Court & their escorts along with Kylee Smith, Avary Powell,  Bella Gigliotti & Eve Bennett should attend a practice in the CDMG on Fri., Feb. 10th during 8:43 Star.


The Aurora Borealis Ball Winter Formal will be held on Sat., Feb. 11 from 7:30 - 10:30 in the cafe. Tickets are $10 & will be on sale during AM Star outside room 130 & during B & C lunch pds. 


Next week is the Winter Queen's Court Spirit Week! Participate in the spirit day activities to earn points for your class!

Mon. - PJ Day - Extend your break and wear your pjs to school!

Tues. - Ski Bum vs Beach Bum - Do you love winter or summer? Wear your best ski or beach attire!

Wed. - Dress as your crush! 

Thurs. - Mathlete v. Athlete - Wear your "most athletic" or "most nerdy" attire!

Fri. - Red Out - Red out the gym in support of the Winter Queen's Court!


Also, be sure to participate in the Queen's Court Scavenger Hunt during the PM Star periods! Find the queen's court girls and earn positive points for your class! Find the queen's court escorts and take away points from another class! More info to follow!


Junior Student Council is sponsoring a dance for our students in grades 7-8 on Fri., Feb. 10th in the high school Gym B after the basketball game until 10 pm. Cost is $2.  


Students - Please remember that Leslie's Closet, in Mrs. Irwin's room 201, is stocked with FREE clothes, shoes, hygiene products, book bags, and much more. Just ask your homeroom teacher if you can visit us during any STAR period! You can always see Mrs. Hayden or Mrs. Irwin for a green slip, too. 


Students when items are dropped off in the office – it’s your responsibility to come to the office to pick them up-the office will not call you to pick up your items.


Students are to be in 1st pd. in their seat by the time the 7:50 bell rings.  If you are not in your seat, you are considered late for school regardless of your reason for not being in 1st pd.  Students who are not in their seat by 7:50 should be sent to the office to sign in the late book & will need to bring in an excuse from their parents for the tardy.  If you are late for school 3 times, you will be referred for detention.


Students are reminded to return an excuse within 3 days following an absence or tardy – turn the excuse into your 1st pd. teacher.  All excuses from parents for students to leave the building for doctor or dental appointments, or any other reason, must be handed into your 1st pd. teacher just as soon as you enter class.  Your name will appear on the absentee sheet.  When you are ready to leave the building, you must stop in the office to sign out & pick up an excusal form that you must have signed at the place of your appointment.  Remember, only an excusal note from your parent and/or guardian will be accepted by the office.  The note must contain the place of the appointment, time of the appointment & time leaving the building.  Students should include their first & last names on ALL excuses turned in & when signing in & out of school.  When it’s time for a student to leave for their appointment, it’s their responsibility to come to the office to sign out – the office does not want to call to remind students it’s time to leave.