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High School Daily Announcements

Today is Day 6, Wed., June 19, 2019


Mrs. O’Leath’s/Miss Palmer’s classes should report to study hall.


Students who plan to take AP Calculus next school year should see Mr. Bishop in room 226 to pick up a text & receive instruction before leaving for summer vacation.


Students who do not have a parking permit are not to be driving to school.  There are currently no parking spaces available; however, if you need to drive on an occasion and/or would like to be placed on the waiting list, please stop in the office to get the required registration information.


The library is closed for the year. 


Today is the last student day - we will be following a Flex Day schedule with student dismissal at 12 noon.


The final issue of the Shadow for the year is available! Access the issue through the link on canvas, the school webpage, or the Shadow Twitter! Thank you to everyone who has read our stories over the past year!


Teachers are reminded that they will need to turn in their office locked mailbox key on their last day.


Also, do not exchange room keys among yourselves.  If you are moving to a new room next year, please see Patti in the office to return your old room key & sign out a new room key.  If you are not returning next year, please turn in your room key.  If you are returning next year & keeping the same room, you may keep your room door key.


Any faculty member that will have a name change for next year, please make sure Patti has the correct information.


Auxiliary account advisors are reminded to turn in your PCard to Patti in the office by the last day of school.  They need to be registered for summer. 


Attention students, staff & faculty – please check your café. balance.  All money must be paid in full before the end of the school year.  Any money left in your account will either be transferred to a sibling or refunded by mail. 


Teachers – forms for rebound/discard books are available in the faculty room.  Rebound books should be boxed up & sent to the main office lobby & email Patti to let her know you have books that need rebound.  Just a reminder the discard books have to be Board/Principal approved.  No books should be discarded without approval. 


As students get the chance, please clean out your lockers & gym lockers – there are extra garbage bags in the office.


Baseball players are reminded to stop in Coach Dickey's room to pick up their championship apparel today.


Open gym for interested boy's basketball players going into grades 9-12 next year will begin next Tues., June 25 from 8:30 to 9:45.  Open gym will last for two weeks, & will be held on Tuesdays, Thursdays, & Fridays.  See Coach Kriebel or Coach Heigley for more information.