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Create - Library Makerspace & Available Resources

What is a makerspace
A place where students can come to share ideas and work together, to create!
Explore these links to find resources to help incorporate library makerspace material into your classroom lessons or for use in the library makerspace area!
  1. K'Nex Teacher Guides and Lessons - plans to build everything from simple machines to DNA strands to roller coasters. Subjects like math, science, & physics.  *STEAM*
  2. MakeDo Cardboard Construction - use the tools in these sets to turn scrap cardboard into geometrical shapes and magic kingdoms.  *STEAM*
  3. littleBits Kits - 2 different kits: Code & STEAM - learn how electronics work with these small circuits or switches that snap together using magnets. *STEAM*
  4. Snap Circuits - learn about circuits and electricity through creating everything from doorbells to burglar alarms!  Project manual included. *STEAM*
  5. Keva Planks - build simple structures like bridges or tracks - incorporate into literature lessons to recreate iconic/historical structures - use as ice breaker activities. *STEAM*
  6. Sphero Sprk - a Bluetooth robot ball that is driven by block coding - use the iPad to connect and run. *STEAM*
  7. Ozobots - mini robots that teach code using colors, lines, and codes on paper or digital surfaces like tablets or iPads. *STEAM*
  8. MakeyMakey- make everyday objects come to life using alligator clips, a circuit board, and your laptop. *STEAM*