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Ms. Amy Hand

Miss Amy Hand 

School Counselor, Grs. 11 & 12
Phone: 814-938-5151  
Ext. 1540
Hello and Welcome to my Web Page!
   I'm the counselor for grades 11 & 12 here at the high school, so if you have any questions and/or concerns regarding your student, please feel free to phone or email me and I'll do what I can to assist you and your child.
     Please check out my Canvas is where I will be posting any general information, incoming college/scholarship opportunities, and resources pertaining to juniors and seniors.
   If your child is, or will be, absent from school for more than a couple of days and you would like to get assignments, you should check out our CANVAS system. Once logged in to CANVAS, click on the desired course to bring up it's information. Locate the MODULES tab on the left for info regarding assignments. The CALENDAR tab will also give you a color-coded index of upcoming assignments to keep you informed of what is due each day. If you are unable to get what you need from those links, students can message their teachers directly on Canvas regarding any work due. As a last resort, you can contact our office about requesting assignments, but, please be aware that the teachers will need a full day's notice to get materials gathered to send to the Guidance Office for pick-up, so please plan accordingly.