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Scholarship Application Tips

  • Check criteria. Apply only for scholarships you are eligible for.

  • Answer every question – Incomplete applications will not be considered.

  • Turn in applications on time – local scholarships are due by March 31st.

  • Neatness counts.

  • Provide all requested additional materials.

  • STAPLE all pages together– no paper clips

  • When you request a reference from a teacher or community member, provide plenty of time for them to complete it, and provide them with a stamped envelope that is addressed to the appropriate recipient.


To access local scholarship applications online:

  • Go to

  • On the high school page, click on Counselors, then College Information, then Scholarship Applications.

  • Each scholarship has a short description. At the end of the description, click where it says “click here to download”. Complete the application online, print it, staple all pages together, and submit it to the guidance office.


Paper applications will also be available in the guidance office.

All applications are due by March 31st


Boles Foundation Loans

Boles Foundation Loans:  this is a loan, not a scholarship. It must be repaid.

Following your initial loan, you may request an additional loan from the foundation for a total of four loans.

The amount of the loan will be determined annually, depending on available funds.

Following completion of school, you will begin repayment of this loan in monthly installments until the loan has been paid back. Even if you don't graduate, you must repay this or any other school loan.