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Jeff Tech Information

Jefferson County-DuBois Area Vocational-Technical School also known as JEFF TECH. This is a comprehensive career and technical high school located in Reynoldsville, PA serves districts of Punxsutawney, DuBois, Brookville, and Brockway and it offers exceptional training in 14 technical training areas. It is a self-contained high school; students spend half of their day in required academic subjects and half the day in a chosen shop area. The ideal situation is for students to begin their schooling at Jeff Tech at the beginning of the ninth grade and follow through to graduation. High school students interested in attending Jeff Tech must apply through Mrs. Cesario.  
What they offer. . .
  • Available shop areas include:
  • Auto Body, Auto Mechanics
  • Building Trades, Cosmetology
  • Culinary Arts
  • Health Assisting
  • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning)
  • IT Department (Computer Network Engineering
  • Computer Technology
  • Digital Media Technology
  • Machine Shop
  • Precision CAD Technology
  • Welding/Metal Fabrication
Important Information!
Students are accepted into programs, based on availability and academic record, up until the beginning of each school year. Once the new school year commences, students are not considered again for entry until the second semester of school begins (usually the 3rd-4th week of January).
Availability preference is always given to the younger students because the ideal situation is to spend as close to all four high school years at Jeff Tech as possible, but they will normally accept students up through the end of their sophomore year.
On occasion, a special exception is sometimes made to enroll a junior or senior into the program at Jeff Tech, depending on the circumstance. A review of the prior record is needed and all decisions are up to the discretion of the administration at Jeff Tech.
Changed your mind?
If a student is accepted into Jeff Tech and changes their mind, they have until August 1st to decline the acceptance. A written and singed letter by the parent/guardian must be sent to the guidance office at Jeff Tech. Please make sure to reach out to Mrs. Cesario as well if you decide not to attend.
Failure to send the letter the students will be expected to attend Jeff Tech for at least the first semester of the school year.
Please feel free to contact, Mrs. Cesario at ext.1542, if you have any questions regarding Jeff Tech