Class of 2020 Virtual Variety Show

Beginning at 6:00 PM on Tuesday, May 26, you can view the Class of 2020 Variety Show: A Million Dreams, available from all three of the following platforms: 
*Click on the link above to view the Variety Show on our district's YouTube channel, premiering at 6 PM on Tuesday, May 26!
*Click on the link above to view the site, where you will find the Variety Show embedded on the show's home page.  The site will be available to access beginning at 6 PM on Tuesday, May 26!  
Channel 18 on local Comcast cable
*The show will be broadcast on Channel 18 beginning at 6PM on May 26!  The show will be rebroadcast on Channel 18 in the days following the show's premier in case you are unable to watch it live on May 26.
Please be sure to visit the official 2020 Virtual Variety Show Site (see link above) to check out additional information about this year's show--the directors, emcess, advisors, the program, show sponsors, and much more!