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D&D Club

Open to students in 9th -12th grade
The organization is a forum for students interested in playing Dungeons & Dragon. The organization welcomes all students interested in learning and playing the game.
Sign-ups open from Friday, October 30 - Friday November 6
Check Canvas announcements for the link.
Dues are $3 per student per school year and are payable throughout November
What can I expect to do in this club?
  • This club is meant to give students an opportunity to learn and play the game. While club advisor, Ms. McMeekin, knows and plays the game herself, students are encouraged to run their own campaigns. This is a great opportunity to learn the art of Dungeon Mastering, especially if you've only ever been a character player in the past. Those new to the game are also welcome to join in and learn as they play. 
  • Do to the short time available during activity periods, in school meetings are meant for character development and game planning. This is a time where Dungeon Masters (DMs) and players can learn the game and prepare for after school game play. We have player hand books, Dungeon Master guides, Monster Manuals and other books that you can reference. (Books will need to be quarantined between uses but we can direct you to some helpful websites as well.
  • In the past we've met in the game shop in town on Saturday's for 2-3 hours of play. This year, we will look into playing online. It'll depend on the needs and interest of our members.