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Ski Club » Destination Info: Holiday Valley

Destination Info: Holiday Valley

            Holiday Valley is located in Ellicottville, NY. Holiday Valley, entering its 67th winter season, consists of 60 slopes and 13 lifts that are spread across four faces. This also includes four terrain parks plus a half-pipe. The difficulty of the slopes range from beginner to experts only. Symbols for these difficulties are green circle for beginners, blue square for intermediate, black diamond for expert, and double black diamonds for experts only. (Be sure to stay on the slopes that you are most comfortable with and DO NOT go beyond what you are capable of doing.) There are three main lodges which consist of the Clubhouse Chalet "Base Area", Yodeler Lodge, and the Tannenbaum Lodge. Going from Punxsutawney, PA to Ellicottville, NY takes about 2 hours and 34 minutes by car (3 hours via school bus including a 15 minute RR stop at Sheetz).