Scholarship Applications


Allison, John R. Memorial Scholarship
Applicant must be enrolled in post-high school educational institution and show financial need.

Barletta, Thomas Scholarship

To qualify, you must meet 4 of the 5 following criteria: 1. grade point average of 90% or above for

four years of high school; 2. class standing in the top two fifths of the class; 3. involvement

in high school and/or community activities of services; 4. Year round employment; 5. graduating senior of Punxsutawney high school. Post graduates may apply 

Bedell, Michael Memorial
PAHS graduating senior attending St. Francis University
Boles Memorial Scholarship Foundation
Starting in 202 this is no longer a loan.  Applicants must be a current member of the PAHS senior class and be accepted into a post-high school institution, display academic achievement, show financial need and participate in the senior class Variety Show.

Bowser, Erik John Memorial
PAHS graduating senior who is accepted in an accredited post-secondary program,

financial need and demonstrates strength of character. One (1) male and one (1) female will be selected as recipients.

Brudnock Memorial Scholarship

Must be a PAHS graduating senior, be accepted in an accredited program for education or the medical field.

Burkett, Cheyanne R. Memorial Scholarship

Two $1,000 scholarships will be awarded to a PAHS graduating senior.  One will be awarded

to a senior pursing the medical field and one from other areas.  Personal statement and other documents also required.   

Career Women's Club Scholarship

PAHS female member of the graduating class.  Currently enrolled in an institution of higher education. Demonstrates school and community involvement.

Chuck Daly Golf or Basketball Memorial Scholarship

Criteria for this scholarship include membership and letter winner of the Golf or basketball program. outstanding moral character, acceptable academic achievement, and a graduating senior of PAHS who is enrolled in an institution of higher education. It also requires a letter of recommendation from current coach and a teacher, and a list of your community involvement.

Conrad, Gary L Memorial Scholarship

For current graduation seniors with a GPA of 90% or higher, attending a 2 or 4 year college program, trade or technical school.

Curry, S. Thomas Visual Arts Scholarship
Presented by "Baking with Lucy" to a graduating PAHS senior going into the Visual Arts Field.

Davis, Grace Scholarship

Awards several students who are PAHS graduating seniors with high academic achievement

and strong character planning to attend a college or nursing program. Post graduates may apply.

Defelice, Jospeh C. Sr. Scholarship Fund
Must be a PAHS graduating senior with a GPA of 80% or better. Student must be enrolled in a two year or four year college and show financial need. Mid income level must be such that you will not qualify for state or federal govt. student aid.

Dinger, Max E. and Maude M. Scholarship Fund
Varied number of awards to PAHS graduates pursuing four year, two year, and nursing school

programs. Financial need, academic achievement and character will also be considererd. 

Post graduates may apply.

Hallman, Polly Memorial Scholarship    

For PAHS graduating seniors planning to attend a four year college who have an 85% minimum grade point average, and have displayed leadership qualities. Community service is strongly considered.
Hart, Jack Scholarship Fund
PAHS graduating seniors who have played football at least two years and received a letter may apply.

Haas, Gene Foundation Scholarship 

Must be accepted into an ABET Accredited Program in the field of CNC Tech, CNC Machining-based Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Technology, or Aerospace Engineering

Hornack, Robert Memorial Scholarship

For PAHS graduating seniors who have been involved in sports, maintained a minimum 85% GPA and will attend a two (2) or four (4) post secondary program.
The Indiana Art Association Scholarship
This is a $500 art scholarship for residents in Indiana County
Irvin, Mary Ann Scholarship
A local scholarship available to PAHS graduates.  The grant is based on financial need. Post graduates may apply.

Italian Sons & Daughters of America
For any graduating PAHS senior who has been accepted in a two or four year college program

or an accredited trade or technical school. You must show financial need and demonstrate a strength of character.
(IUP) Punxsutawney Area College Trust
This award is for PAHS graduates who will attend the Punxsutawney campus of IUP. Post graduates may apply.
Jenks-Hobah Lodge Scholarship
This is a $500 scholarship for Punxsutawney Area School District graduate.
Jenks, John W.
PAHS graduates who will attend college, have been involved in school and community
activities, have achieved academically, and show financial need may apply. Students may reapply with a college transcript up to four years. Post graduates may apply.
Khabbaz, Khaled Scholarship
This scholarship is for Punxsutawney Graduates who have an IEP or 504 plan.

Lanzandorfer-Jordan Scholarship

Scholarship available at

Click on the Large Blue Circle to access scholarship

Magagnotti (Haag), Stacey L. Memorial Scholarship

For a current PAHS senior pursuing nursing at Lock Haven University. 

Marion Center National Bank
PAHS graduating senior who is accepted in a two (2) or four (4) year program with math, computer, or business related major. Attendance and behavior are strongly considered
McGinnis, Wyonetta Scholarship
This award is for a PAHS graduating senior who has a diagnosed learning disability
or is pursuing a career in special education

Meneely, Clyde R. Scholarship

The recipient of the scholarship exhibits some of the qualities that Mr. Meneely himself possessed: 
character, achievement, civic pride, cooperation, dependability, and helpfulness.
The recipient of this award is chosen by faculty. There is no application form.

Miles For Smiles Scholarship

For a current PAHS senior in good academic standing planning to attend a 2 or 4 year post high school education or training.  Must also be involved in community service.

Parise, Anthony J. Jr. Memorial Scholarship

For PAHS graduating seniors who have two years involvement in sports, involvement in school

and community activities, have a 90% or higher GPA and are in the top 5th of their class.

Priority First Federal Credit Union Scholarship

Applicant must be a Priority First FCU Member or Joint Member at application time. Must show proof of enrollment or letter of acceptance, Additional criteria:  Academic Achievements, Employment/Volunteer/Extracurricular activities, Essay, presentation and quality of submission. 2020 PFFCU winners are not eligible. Post graduates may apply.

Punxsutawney Hall of Fame Jack Smelko Memorial Scholarship

For current seniors at the Punxsutawney Area High School. Must be accepted at an accredited college or institution of post high school education. Earned letters in two different sports, participated for a minimum of 5 season, and in two different sports during his/her senior year.

Punxsy/Rotary Club-Fairman Scholarship
The recipient of this scholarship is chosen from PAHS graduating seniors. A GPA of 90% or higher

and three letters of recommendation are also required.
Punxsutawney Area Education Association (PAEA) Scholarship
A scholarship is awarded to a PAHS graduating senior who plans to major in education. Selection is based on financial need, and a written paragraph explaining why the applicant has chosen to enter the teaching profession. The amount of the scholarship is $2,000 ($500 per year for 4 years).
Punxsutawney Area Ministerial Association Scholarship

A scholarship is available for any person entering a formal Christian ministry training program.

Punxsutawney Arts Association Scholarship
Requires a letter of acceptance from the college you will be attending, photographs of 3 pieces of art work, short essay. PLEASE NOTE REQUIREMENTS HAVE CHANGED updated 3/7/2014

Punxsy Eagle Riders Scholarship

Awarded to one male and one female in the current senior class.

Punxsutawney Sportsmen's Club
For PAHS seniors accepted to post high school educational institution who have maintained a 90% cumulative GPA and are involved in community and school activities
Punxsutawney Wrestling Club
For PAHS graduating seniors involved in the wrestling program. Team spirit, leadership,
dedication and years of involvement are strongly considered. 

Punxsutawney Youth Commission
For college bound PAHS graduating seniors who demonstrate school and community involvement. 

Rodgers, Katherine and Mary Memorial
Graduates of Punxsutawney Area High School who will attend college, have been involved in school and community activities, have achieved academically, and show financial need may apply.  Students may reapply with a college transcript up to four years. Post graduates may apply.

Schaffer, Kayla Scholarship


Shiock, Braden P. Memorial Scholarship

For a current PAHS graduate accredited into a minimum of a 2 year accredited program in the healthcare field  on a full time basis. Must have school and community involvement and show financial need.  Minimum of a 3.0 GPA required.

Snyder, Paul A. Trade School Memorial Fund
Must be a PAHS graduating senior entering a trade or technical school (most 2 year programs)

with grades at least 80% or better. Must show financial need (mid income level). Income must be such that you will not qualify for state or federal student aid

Stahl, Mollie Memorial Scholarship

For students who have participated in at least one Punxsutawney Theater Arts Guild production

as either a performer, instrumentalist, stage crew member, or member of the production staff.

Must be accepted at a college.
Steffy, Tim Memorial Scholarship
Applicant must receive a high school GPA of at least 2.5 from Punxsutawney Area High School at the conclusion of the current school year Acceptance at any trade school Involvement in school and community activities Complete application form.
Stewart, Kenneth Memorial Scholarship
Must be a PAHS graduating senior pursuing a criminology degree,
have an 85% average and show financial need

Sykesville Civic Improvement Association

This scholarship is for students from the Punxsutawney, DuBois, and Jeff Tech area schools who are 
current seniors and accepted at a post hight school college or other accredited program. Applicants must demonstrate high academic achievement, strength of character, and financial need. 

SYMMCO Scholarship
Criteria include academic achievement, financial need, resident of Jefferson or Clearfield Counties.

Carl A. Truance Athletic Escellence Scholarship
Qualified candidates consist of well rounded graduating seniors who excelled in the classroom, have shown a thankful spirit by serving the community through various projects that reflect love and caring,

and achieved a level of accomplishment and recognition in the high school’s sports programs

and plans to pursue a four year degree program from an accredited college of his or her choice.

Uncle Guy Astorino Memorial Scholarship
Must be accepted to or currently attending a college, university or trade school and can show proof of an immediate family member who is a Walston Club member, or is a current member themselves. 

Post graduates may apply.
Williams, Kenneth D. Memorial Scholarship Trust Fund
One award to a PAHS graduating senior pursuing a major in the field of education.