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P.R.I.D.E. Student Achievement Program

The PAHS P.R.I.D.E Student Achievement Program



            This is a program to recognize students for their positive contributions to our school community. This would be in addition to the current Student of the Month Program. P.R.I.D.E students will be recognized on the basis of improvement in grades, attendance, behavior, effort, and other factors that create a positive school climate. This program would distinguish those students who may not typically be nominated for the Student of the Month.



  1. Nomination
  • Teachers and other school personnel will have access to forms where they can nominate up to 2 students per month.
  • On the form there will be space to write out their rationale
  1. Collection
  • There will be a collection box for the forms in the main office
  1. Accounting
  • After the month has concluded the forms will be separated by grade and evaluated
  1. Evaluation
  • The forms would be evaluated by a committee of school personnel designated by the Assistant Principal
  1. Rewards
  • Students selected by the committee would receive certificates signed by both the Principal and Assistant Principal recognizing their achievement. Also students who are nominated will be notified of their nomination.  Other rewards could be determined by the committee.


P.R.I.D.E stands for Positive, Responsible, Individual, Dedicated, Effort. Students who embody this will be recognized.